Learning Experience For Michel Beyore In Merrittville Debut

Tuesday - May - 2016

WHITBY, Ont. – May 10, 2016 – After an off-season filled with change, Michel Beyore debuted his No.54 Millenium Crane/Metals Plus/ Stemac DIRTcar Sportsman Modified at Merrittville Speedway on Saturday night.

The “Whitby Warrior” returned to his roots on dirt after an extended period racing on asphalt with the OSCAAR Super Late Models. Beyore took part in the Pete Bicknell Racing School at Merrittville in mid-April before hitting the track in race action for the first time in 2016 last weekend. He turned in a 17th-place performance, but knows exactly where he went wrong with the car’s setup.

“We tried to scale the car a different way and it didn’t work. I couldn’t turn the car. I moved the lead in the car and I moved it too far,” Beyore explained. “We’re going to put it back where I had it (for testing). We had a brain wave, but it didn’t work.”

Beyore also competed in the Novice Sportsman division to earn extra track time and  finished third. Beyore and his team, including his brother Max, are now looking back to their notebook to revert the car to their pre-season specs.

“I know what we did wrong, so we’re shifting everything back. When we went to the Bicknell Racing School, we were really good. We’ll learn from our mistake,” Beyore said emphatically.

In addition to an ill-handling car, Beyore also battled a very slick racetrack for the first time.

“When we ran the driving school it was a lot tackier. It was very slick so it was hard to get ahold of. I couldn’t get on the gas at all,” Beyore said of the track conditions. “I had to feather the gas pedal until I was straight. That really sets you back.”

The Whitby, Ont. pilot a hopes to be pointed in the right direction when he next returns to action at the end of the month. Once Beyore has the car handling the way he expects, his focus will shift to mastering the rubber that meets the track.

“Tires are still a pretty big deal. A lot has changed there over the years. Once we get the car back the way we want it with some forward bite, we’ll concentrate on tires. At one time, there wasn’t that many options,” Beyore said.

Follow Michel Beyore’s 2016 DIRT Sportsman season online at www.beyoreracing.ca and on Twitter at @54Buck.

Michel Beyore’s 2016 season is supported by the following corporate sponsors: Millenium Crane, Metals Plus, Stemac, Hoy’s Garage, CNC Machining, Praxair and MGS Custom Tune. 

Media Contact: Clayton Johns Media